The Quick Brown Fox

"The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog" adalah sebuah kombinasi / susunan abjad yang memuat seluruh huruf dalam bahasa Inggris. Kalimat ini sering digunakan dalam latihan mengetik. Karena singkatnya dan koherensi, kalimat ini telah dikenal secara luas.

Kalimat ini muncul pertama kali berasal dari The Michigan School Moderator, sebuah jurnal yang diperuntukan bagi pengajar yang berhubungan dengan berita dan jurnalistik Dalam sebuah artikel yang berjudul "Interesting Notes" pada edisi 14 Maret 1885, kalimat ini disarankan untuk belajar mengetik. Kalimat ini sangat bagus untuk belajar mengetik, karena mengandung semua abjad.

Sejak mesin ketik mulai berkembang pada abad ke-19, kalimat ini mulai dipergunakan dalam pelajaran mengetik & stenografi. Memasuki abad ke-20, kalimat ini mulai secara luas dipergunakan. Selama abad ke-20, para teknisi menggunakan kalimat "THE QUICK BROWN FOX..." berulang-ulang untuk memeriksa mesin ketik & mesin Telex.

Sebenarnya Quick Brown Fox adalah nama salah satu perusahaan dan paket perangkat lunak mengetik yang beroperasi pada Commodore VIC-20 dan Commodore 64.

Owing to the widespread knowledge of the phrase and its comical nature, many works of art have been developed that pictorially depict the action of a fox jumping over a dog or a related variation of it. Dan Santat, creator of Disney Channel's The Replacements and children’s book author, has created a cartoon of the pangram on his blog in which he mistakenly replaced "jumps" with "jumped", thereby removing the letter "s" from his phrase.[9] Other instances of phrase-related artworks include a typography workshop flyer,[10][dead link] a widespread clipart image,[11] and a music CD cover.[12][dead link] A video of a fox actually jumping over a dog can be found online.[13] The May 9, 2008, issue of John Allen's web-based comic Nest Heads features a child saying the phrase to a sleeping dog, in attempts to arouse him to play.[14] In the Disney movie The Fox and the Hound, there is a scene near the end where the fox is running fast and jumps over the lying-down hound, creating an in-context, non-contrived instance of the phrase. The phrase plays a key role in the plot of the 2001 Mark Dunn novel Ella Minnow Pea, which is set in a fictitious island nation supposed to be the home of the phrase's originator.

Close variations are often created when the phrase is used in the arts. In the card game Magic: The Gathering, a "joke card" from the Unhinged series was created with a game-related variation of the phrase, "The quick onyx goblin jumps over the lazy dwarf."[15] In the Peanuts comic strip for May 27, 1974, Snoopy, having been entrusted by Lucy to ghostwrite her a biography of Ludwig van Beethoven, only writes on his typewriter “The quick brown fox jumps over the unfortunate dog”[16] because that phrase was all he ever learned to type.

The paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould used it as the final line in his essay "The Panda's Thumb of Technology."[17]

The Electric Company used the phrase in a cartoon in which it appears in typewritten font and is read by a female voice. A small brown fox jumps over a sleeping dog repeatedly until the dog starts becoming annoyed and stops him, then laughs heartily as the fox walks away.

In the 1981 movie Stripes starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and John Candy, the misfit platoon on the verge of being forced to repeat basic training wows the General at their graduation ceremony with an impromptu "drill". One of the phrases they use during the drill routine is "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog...sir!"

The phrase was used erroneously, with the word "jumped" instead of "jumps", and hence missing the letter s, in a commercial for ESPN's SportsCenter in 2009. Jay Harris types the phrase while using batting weights to aid him to type the phrase faster.


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