Blogger GuestBook

► create an account (free) at
► confirm the account clicking on the link in your email
► while logged in, go to Web Tools section and click on Guestbook
► design page will open...customize your gustbook here...try everything!
► when you're done (there's a million options), click on the Get Code in the upper right corner of the page
► copy the entire Embeddable Copy and Paste Code
► now, in your Blogger, create a new Post
► paste the code into it
► on the bottom of the Post box, click on Post Options
► set the date (on the right) far back in 2 years, or more (we do this, so the post doesn't appear as a "new" post on the main page)
► publish the post
► go to your LAYOUT -- POSTS -- EDIT POSTS and search for your Guestbook post (where you've placed the code)
► click on View
► when the post opens, copy it's URL address (save it in Notepad or somewhere)
► the only thing left to do is to show our Guestbook to our readers/visitors and invite them to sign in
► you can do this how ever you want (as a picture in a sidebar, on the bottom of your posts, in header)
► just Link it with the URL address of your post (where Guestbook code is)

Check out example I've made: My Guestbook


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